PTO Drive Shaft Safety Clutches

Weasler Safety Clutches provide high levels of protection for agricultural machinery. Our clutches will protect your agricultural machinery against overloading and, thus, prevent your machinery from failing or needing repairs. Overloading can occur when work begins and before the machine reaches its optimum speed of operation. Your machine may also overload if you drive too fast, if you process to much harvested crop at once or if your unit is blocked by foreign objects. We have a clutch solutions for every application.

Shear Bolt Clutches

Typical applications include: Forage wagon, stable manure spreader, round baler, rotary harrow, gathering units on field choppers, snow blowers, etc.

Friction Clutches or Combined Friction Over-running Clutches

These types of clutches are primarily used in high pressure balers, blowers, rotary tillers or rotary mowers.

Ratchet Clutches

These clutches are particularly well suited for the lower output range of stable manure spreaders and forage wagons, for rotary rakes, rotary tedders, rotary windrowers, sugar beet or potato harvesters, and cutting tools.