Visit Weasler at SIMA 2019 in Paris

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Weasler at Agritechnica 2017

In anticipation for Agritechnica, Weasler cordially invites you to visit us at our stand A04 in Hall 15. AGRITECHNICA, the leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, will take place in Hanover from 12 to 18 November.

Weasler at the 2017 SIMA in Paris!

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PTO Drive Shafts

Weasler PTO drive shafts are designed to meet specific requirements with the most economical design. Supplying a global market, Weasler can provide PTO drive shaft options in both Metric and North American. With these two styles Weasler has a complete offering of standard and wide angle PTO drive shafts with many design options including, telescoping, high speed, double telescoping.

High Performance PTO Drive Shafts904-00413
Our high performance PTO drive shafts are the industry leading solution for the agricultural industry. They are designed for continuous heavy-duty use and meet the requirements of large farms and contractors. Unique features and benefits make the Weasler high performance PTO drive shafts the premier solution when it comes to handling, economy and safety. Our Easy Care programme enables us to minimise maintenance expenditure by even further as we managed to raise the maintenance intervals to 250 hours.

High Performance Wide Angle PTO Drive Shafts80° WWCV PTO drive shaft
The constant velocity universal joint (CV) allows smooth machine operation through a broad range of motion. These joints allow the machine to be designed with the input shaft in the best operating position and yet allow the operator to maneuver as needed. The CV delivers constant power by self cancelling torque and speed fluctuations typically found in single cardan-type universal joints. Weaslers offers two types for optimum performance. The 50 degree is ideal for constant wide angle operation and 80 degree the perfect solution for occasionele wide angle operation.

High Performance High Speed PTO Drive Shafts210-24367
These drive shafts are designed to minimize vibration and extend life indemand ing high RPM applications.  Our tight fits, tight manufacturing tolerances and state of the art manufacturing processes provide a drive shaft with minimal run out resulting less vibration while running at high RPMs.

High Performance Double Telescoping PTO Drive Shaftsdouble telesc PTO drive shaft
Double telescoping PTO drive shafts allow for a greater operating range than can be achieved with a standard telescoping drive shaft. Our tight fits, tight manufacturing tolerances and state of the art manufacturing processes allow us
to provide double telescoping drive shafts with minimal run out and greater performance. The increased operating range allows equipment manufacturers greater design flexibility, producing equipment that can fold tighter and turn
sharper without the need for limiters or the need to disconnect the driveshaft.  This leads to improved productivity and increased satisfaction from the end user.
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50° Constant Velocity
80° Constant Velocity