PTO Drive Shaft Easy Lock Guards

Easy Lock

Easy Lock

All Weasler Engineering guards are made according to EN / ISO 5674 or certified to EN 12965. Optionally they can be made to ASABE S318 ASABE S522 / ISO 5674.

Weasler uses only black guarding for the longest possible durability. They are used in harsh conditions, including exposure to ultraviolet light and ozone. All of Weasler’s guard systems are laboratory tested under accelerated aging cycles to insure long life.

The patented Easy Lock system allows for easy guard removal and replacement if servicing is required.

All of Weasler’s guard systems are custom designed to fit each individual design requirement for optimization of performance and economy. In addition, the Weasler Aftermarket guard program offers standardized guarding solutions to fit current needs, including retrofits for most PTO drive shafts in the field.




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